Knowing how your body works in terms of thermodynamics (body function) can help you plan how to lose weight. It all comes down to how well you manage your body's metabolic system

Human Nutrition

A calorie is a calorie regardless of where it comes from. Eating too much healthy food can cause weight gain. You require our professional's expert opinion to guide you on the best nutrition for your body

Medicine & Lifestyle

Counseling sessions with a behavioral therapist will improve your ability to adapt to your new lifestyle. Before prescribing medication, your psychotherapist considers your medical history and current health challenges.

Professional Doctor

Professional doctors' advice can help you devise a better weight-loss strategy. Professionals can assist you in setting realistic goals and advising you on how to make necessary lifestyle changes

Treatment to binge eating disorder and adult ADHD starts from a diagnosis.

Binge Eating Disorder is the most common eating disorder in North America, and highly common among people with overweight or obesity. Approximately 25% of people with overweight or obesity have this eating disorder. It is characterized by the compulsion to continue eating despite feeling full, and a loss of control when trying to stop eating.


It is also very treatable. When untreated, however, binge eating disorder can limit our weight loss success. Moreover, it can linger to perpetuate shame and guilt around our eating patterns that can derail other healthy behaviours we have achieved for weight loss. At your first visit, you will be screened for binge eating disorder. If present, you will also be offered treatment for binge eating disorder in conjunction to your weight loss treatment.

How a Science-led Diagnosis will help you achieve your goals

Binge eating disorder has a cousin condition: adult ADHD. When undiagnosed and untreated as an adult, it is commonly associated with weight gain. In fact, risk of obesity is 1.5 x higher in adults with untreated ADHD. However, when we treat adult ADHD, the risk disappears. During your first visit, you will be screened for ADHD and similarly offered treatment in conjunction with weight loss therapies. 

Doctors are necessary for properly assessing your unique health requirements and what interventions work best for your needs.

Kinesiology is a natural approach that stimulates the self-healing response of the body, that balances specific fields in the body and removes factors that force it out of balance.

Also termed, nutrition coach is in place to create a healthy, attainable menu that is designed with your unique DNA in mind.

A lifestyle coach assists with healthy weight loss goals. They are your number one cheerleader and on board with your other team members to make sure you have the best results possible. *Also talk about how the physician help with in terms of mixing counselling and selecting the proper medication

medical Education based diagnosis

A doctors preliminary screening and tests is science based and safe.

Physician–patient privilege

Your Information, goals and files are completely confidential

In-Clinic or Virtual appointments

Hospitals, clinics, and virtual meetings with professionals can provide access to various experienced bodyweight loss practitioners.

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