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Started on August 13, 2022

No more diets or weight loss meal plans. Nutrition is personal. Your nutrition coaching will also be personal. You will also not be provided a weight loss diet. Instead, you will be provided with the tools to build life-long nutrition habits that have no expiry end date. Depending on your individual needs, coaching around food or eating patterns that support weight loss will be provided. This includes dietary weight loss support for people living with diabetes.

Some of us may benefit from focusing on nutrition and food choices. Tailored plans will be developed, and we will build on these strategies as we work together. For others, we may take more benefit from focusing on the triggers of emotional eating and work on stress management.

As we develop weight loss progress over time, incorporating enjoyable physical activity will become our key to maintaining weight loss successes. However, being active doesn’t equate to having a gym membership or lifting weights! Exercise is very individual. Together, we will problem-solve what that can look like for you.

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