Medical Weight Loss Treatment

Started on July 3, 2022

Do you know about the current Health Canada-approved weight loss medications that may be available to you? These are not weight loss supplements—but real prescription weight loss medications that have proven to cause clinically significant weight loss (e.g. sustainable weight loss long-term). Some are available as weight loss pills, and some as weight loss injectables. Weight loss medicine has come a long way!

Everyone eligible for weight loss medications will be assessed at their first visit for them. We will spend some time reviewing how they work, their benefits, and their side effects. These medications serve to treat weight gain long-term, so they are also intended to be prescribed as a long-term weight loss treatment. However, there is no commitment, and you can discontinue them without worry.

Know that safe and effective weight loss medications are available, but the decision to try and take them will ultimately be up to your informed decision.

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