Knowing how your body works in terms of thermodynamics (body function) can help you plan how to lose weight. It all comes down to how well you manage your body's metabolic system

Human Nutrition

A calorie is a calorie regardless of where it comes from. Eating too much healthy food can cause weight gain. You require our professional's expert opinion to guide you on the best nutrition for your body

Medicine & Lifestyle

Counseling sessions with a behavioral therapist will improve your ability to adapt to your new lifestyle. Before prescribing medication, your psychotherapist considers your medical history and current health challenges.

Professional Doctor

Professional doctors' advice can help you devise a better weight-loss strategy. Professionals can assist you in setting realistic goals and advising you on how to make necessary lifestyle changes

Weight loss treatment based on science and medicine.

Do you know about the current Health Canada-approved weight loss medications that may be available to you? These are not weight loss supplements—but real prescription weight loss medications that have proven to cause clinically significant weight loss (e.g. sustainable weight loss long-term). Some are available as weight loss pills, and some as weight loss injectables. Weight loss medicine has come a long way!


Everyone eligible for weight loss medications will be assessed at their first visit for them. We will spend some time reviewing how they work, their benefits, and their side effects. These medications serve to treat weight gain long-term, so they are also intended to be prescribed as a long-term weight loss treatment. However, there is no commitment, and you can discontinue them without worry.


Know that safe and effective weight loss medications are available, but the decision to try and take them will ultimately be up to your informed decision.

How a Science-led weight loss program will help you unlearn the diet industry culture

All eligible patients will be assessed at their first visit for treatment with anti-obesity medications. We will review available treatment options, their benefits and their side effects. Safe and effective anti-obesity medications are available, but the informed decision will ultimately be up to you.

Medical practitioners’ professional advice can help identify simple lifestyle changes that individuals can make to adapt to a science-based weight loss program.

The scientific investigation of a natural approach to stimulating the body’s self-healing response aids in the elimination of the causal factors that cause muscle imbalance in overweight patients

Having a lifestyle counselor to advise on which pharmacotherapy methods to use, such as keeping food diaries and activity records, controlling the stimuli that activate eating, slowing down the rate of eating, and setting goals, can be extremely beneficial.

Eating smart and healthy has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective scientific ways to naturally fix your body weight

Medical Education based program

Get all the help and advice you need to deal with the negative emotions that come with being overweight.

Physician–patient privilege

Your Information, goals and files are completely confidential

Hospital, Clinic or Virtual meetings

Hospitals, clinics, and virtual meetings with professionals can provide access to various experienced bodyweight loss practitioners.

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